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EinesaCable S.L is a consolidated Company within the engineering sector, specialized in Telecommunications, Edification and Urbanization, and Radio-diffusion projects redaction, it has collaborated with many public and private partners.

Jordi Lamarca
Manager Tècnic
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Ramon Gasulla Esteve
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Ramon Gasulla Casamajó
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Recent News

EinesaCable begins the deployment of Fiber Optics in La Rioja in the first phase of the joint project of Adamo and Knet

Adamo and the Rioja company Knet have merged their networks to allow the arrival of Fiber Optics to 30,000 homes in a year. Einesacable will give support with its new office in La Rioja. During the first year, it is planned to provide 30,000 homes with...

Fiber-Optics in Vilanova de la Barca

Informative meeting with Vilanova de la Barca neighbords in order to explain the new Adamo Internet Fiber-Optics (03/08/2018) Èxit absolut a Vilanovade la Barca 👌Gràcies a tot els veïns per assistir #WeLoveFast, We Love #VilanovadelaBarcaPodeu...

Fiber-Optics in Montbrió del Camp

Informative meeting with Montbrió del Camp neighbords in order to explain the new Adamo Internet Fiber-Optics (03/08/2018) Aquest dijous, a les 8 del vespre, a la Sala d'exposicions de la Casa de Cultura, hi haurà una reunió informativa de...

Fiber-Optics in Anglesola

Informative meeting with Anglesola neighbords in order to explain the new Adamo Internet Fiber-Optics (03/08/2018)

Fiber-Optics in Alfarràs

Agreement between Adamo, EinesaCable S.L and Alfarras City Hall to start Optic-Fiber Installations in February 2018 in order to cover 1300 Units in the town (01/26/2018)

Fiber-Optics in La Selva del Camp

EinesaCable S.L and Adamo announcing and agreement with La Selva del Camp City Hall to install Fiber-Optics for more than 2300 units at the town (12/22/2017)

Fiber-Optics in Juneda

EinesaCable S.L and Adamo will launch during January 2018 the Fiber-Optics deployment at Juneda town covering 1600 homes (12/11/2017) https://twitter.com/Aj_deJuneda/status/956089351926149120

Fiber-Optics in Almenar

EinesaCable S.L, Adamo and Almenar City Hall have achieved and agreement to cover 1300 homes with Optic-Fiber network (09/08/2017)

Fiber-Optics in Bell-Lloc

EinesaCable S.L and Adamo announcing together with the City Hall from Bell-Lloc an agreement to deploy Fiber-Optics for more than 1000 units (09/06/2017)

Fiber-Optics in Alguaire

Adamo participating at “Alguaire Figa” Fair. EinesaCable S.L and Adamo have covered more than 1300 homes with Fiber-Optics in this town (09/16 and 17/2017) https://twitter.com/adamo_es/status/923841249358073858